Hotel Boss Offers Lodging Comfort for Everyone

Anyone who has been to Hotel Boss will agree that this hotel is called one of the hotels that offer a high level of comfort. All the convenience of this hotel is none other than the facilities provided by the hotel. Every facility can make everyone feel comfortable and excited at the same time.

Type of Room

When visiting this hotel, you can use a SingapoRediscovers Voucher to get a more economical price when booking a room. Hotel Boss provides four types of main rooms that you can choose according to your needs. First, you can prefer Superior Double.

This room type is perfect for those of you who want a high level of comfort while resting privately. Complete with one Queen bed, this 14 square meter room also has a balcony or terrace. The second, Premier Double.

This room also offers a comfortable sleeping experience with one Queen bed and a room area of ​​18 square meters. Third, Triple. This room type is ideal for a small family on vacation. Equipped with one double bed and one single bed, this room has an area of ​​18 square meters.

Lastly, Family. This room-type option is perfect for large families because this room has a width of 20 square meters. For the mattress, the Family has two Queen beds.

Whichever type of room you choose, all provide breakfast and including complete in-room facilities such as shower, towels, toiletries, ironing, hairdryer, instant coffee, refrigerator, WiFi, television, and others.

Fitness Center

What can you do to enjoy your free time at this hotel? You can use the Fitness Center facilities provided by this hotel. Hotel Boss has a fitness facility that can be used by every visitor. To maintain fitness every day, the hotel presents a Fitness Center that can be accessed easily.

Even if you are tired or bored due to various activities in Singapore, you can relax your muscles at this fitness center. It doesn’t have to belong, you can take the little time you have to move your body to get healthy.

Whoever you are, whether male or female, you can use the attractive fitness facilities provided by this hotel. Whenever you stay at this hotel, keep fit by taking advantage of this fitness area.

Swimming Pool

One of the impressive facilities at the hotel that is of interest to visitors is the swimming pool. Hotel Boss also provides swimming pool facilities that you can enjoy when you need to swim. Maybe you are going to Singapore for business and only have a little time.

But there’s nothing wrong if you take a bath in the swimming pool for a while to clear your mind. With a classy hotel-style atmosphere, your body will feel fresher after feeling the clear water in the swimming pool. Even if you only want to splash around with your feet in the pool, it’s no big deal. What’s more interesting, this hotel also has an outdoor pool facility that you can enjoy whenever you need.

Even though it looks like an expensive hotel, Hotel Boss still offers attractive prices through SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers. The price promo offered by the SingapoRediscovers Voucher will make you save even more. Use the voucher and enjoy the facilities.