9 Types of Beauty Spa for Body Health

For career women and housewives are two equally tiring teams. Not only that, office tasks sometimes make the body tired, what’s more, a lack of sleep will make the body gain weight, and aches that can make you sick because of activities that are too heavy.

Indeed, exercise makes your body fresh and fit again, but sometimes it makes the body want to feel other results that can make the skin more comfortable and relaxed.

Besides, the spa plays a role in rejuvenating the skin, adding health and beauty. Spa is really suitable for those of you who are depressed after doing activities every day, tired, and sore. Antique solus per aqua or commonly referred to as this spa is not just one but many types. Read the following information if you want to know more details about the spa benefits and types.

Several kinds of Beauty Spa

1. Day Spa

This treatment is different from a beauty salon, Day spa gives you the comfort of a place and privacy so that you can enjoy a long massage that has been done by a therapist who is an expert in the area. If you are a person who has activities, then a day spa is a way out that can make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Day spa always comes every day, you can take a little time to do a manicure, pedicure, body massage or facial treatment. Give it a shiny face again or to decorate nails with cute patterns. Besides, it makes you feel comfortable and calm when you spend a little time doing something useful.

2. Health Spa

Need relaxation? You can try the health spa closest to your area. Besides a spa that provides beauty that you must visit, there is nothing wrong with trying a health spa that focuses on the health of your body as a whole. What’s more, the treatment area is generally comfortable and quiet.

If you spend the whole day on the computer or relay from one place to another for work demands. Health spa is the right solution for those of you who have recently experienced health problems. There will be handled by a professional therapist before giving advice regarding your condition to support your health.

3. Medical Spa

This treatment is different from a health spa, which is a type of spa that has been carried out by certified doctors and experts. But you give confidence to be able to extract information from your friends or family who come to the medical spa. So you don’t need to hesitate to arrive, because this spa focuses on cosmetic treatments such as botox injections or filters and lasers that can remove spots or spots on the skin.

4. Destination Spa

Tasks in the office piled up and homework has not been completed, making you experience stress. Don’t worry, you can try this spa treatment, your mind and body will be more refreshed because the spa treatment is planned for holistic rejuvenation. Try this type of spa can provide benefits for you to overall relaxation and control a healthy diet.

5. Mineral Spring Spa

One of them is a unique treatment. Mineral spring spa uses several natural mineral ingredients that can nourish your body. Generally developed in place of natural mineral springs that can provide hydrotherapy treatments to spa visitors.

You can enjoy a variety of spa services with your loved one or your partner. In addition to being healthy, you can add a more intensive relationship with your partner, you know.


6. Spa Resort

When you are visiting one of the hotels? Generally there is a spa service that is there. You can pack yourself with existing facilities, besides that you can also return to activities again with a fresh condition, generally the waiters will offer fitness and spa class services. beautiful relaxing music flute guitar and piano

7. Eco Spa

You will feel a different impression when doing this type of spa. The uniqueness of the resort premises and some of the spa ingredients make you feel like you are in another world. This spa has a special interest in the environment. Even for this spa location, it is planned to be more environmentally friendly, generally divided into rocks but still leaving the modern aspect.

8. Airport Spa

You’ve never heard of an airport spa? Apparently this type of spa is a facility that is given to passengers for a quick treatment on the plane before boarding. Even some airports have provided service facilities like this. Perfect for those of you who are on a plane for the first time.

This spa treatment can make you more relaxed and comfortable when traveling to different regions or different countries. If you are airsick, this treatment can help you to ease your nausea.

9. Mobile Spa

If you are constantly being chased by deadlines and overtime, you can’t enjoy free time to take care of your body. What more if there are many homework assignments that need to be handled. This type of spa can approach you when you don’t have time to visit.

In Indonesia, there have been many who have opened mobile spa services for several treatments that can make you come back more refreshed after doing tasks all day long. You can contact via telephone number, later it will approach you directly according to your location.

There are many benefits that you get after doing spa treatments, including improving blood circulation in the head and skin looks more cheerful, cleanses the body of detox and toxins in the body, and relaxes a sore body due to tense muscles, tightens the skin so that you can lose weight.