The Dark Triad

Barton the Halfling and Leindal the Elf



This small, stealthy halfling has become part of the Saviors due to his high cultural and military merits... merits according to halflings' standards, of course. Coming from the most peaceful of the Gléah Lands, however, the aforementioned standards are things as peculiar as being able to swallow as many mapplepies per hour as possible, hopping for four miles without halting to rest, and being able to disappear from view without using magic (even though any halfling would love to learn some magic tricks). 

Although this race abhors killing animals for food, they are not so forgiving when it’s about defending the shores of their islands from orks (although they would not dare to eat such evil flesh). Barton has outperformed all others at this particular task, which has led to him being considered amongst the citizens as the “Ork Scourge.”

Little is known about Barton's past, though his father's death by an 
ork axe explains his particularly uncontrollable hatred towards the halflings' natural enemies. 



"Barton, from the Half-Sized Islands, also known as the Ork Scourge. You avenged your father long time ago, but your heart hasn't yet found peace..."




The members of the Elven Council at Oniria have appointed this slender, handsome elf to accompany the Saviors on their quest. This last-minute decision of the Council to join forces with the Gilgegard Empire harks back to a former loyal alliance, when humans and elves fought side-by-side against the Agaroth Hordes. Leindal is captain of the Moonless Night Wizards, an army that alone retrieved the cities of Mayreia, Adlaeiht, and Galinh in only seven days without any support units. 

A fact not known to many is that when Leindal was yet a child under the Order of the Divine Cosmic Triad, he took a vow to not kill any lifeform. Despite his bravery and imperturbable attitude during the battle, some say that he refuses to sleep at night as penance for having broken his early-childhood oath. The Moonless Night banner actually symbolizes the inner state of those wizards whose destiny is to live under recurrent grief for past deeds while at the same trying to  bring peace to the lives of others.



"And you are Leindal, Captain of the Moonless Night Wizards. Your brotherhood is not allowed to kill any living creature. You know what you will be exposed to on this mission; things can only get worse for you..."